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10 Questions For Women Who Want to Live and Work Abroad

June 4th, 2021

In today’s increasingly global world, many women are just starting to realize how international experience is establishing itself as the new threshold for career success and lifelong development.

More and more women are putting a new emphasis on integrating international experience into their lifelong personal and professional goals. They want to travel and work abroad to gain practical skills and to live a more satisfying and enriching life.

Whether your dream is to work for a company that employs you abroad or to set up your own portable business that you can run from anywhere, here are 10 questions to get you started on achieving your global goals:

1. How can international experience boost my career and life satisfaction?

2. What are my best options for gaining relevant international travel, work, volunteer or study experience in this global economic climate?

3. If I want to travel and live in various countries or pursue an expatriate lifestyle, how can I set up my own mobile business that I can run from anywhere?

4. If I want a company or organization to send me abroad to work, how do I make that happen?

5. What are barriers to working globally in my profession?

6. How do global women in my profession get around barriers?

7. What are the cultural rules of doing business overseas for women?

8. How do women build an international network of colleagues and friends?

9. What international skill set do I need to achieve my goals?

10. Who has done what I want to do and how did they do it?

Answering these questions will help you define your global vision which will guide you as you move towards the international life you are looking to build.